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Roadhouse Discord Launch

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

This week marked the beginning of Virtual Roadhouse. We were live from 2PM on Wednesday, till about 2 AM on Thursday morning. Roadhouse ran from 2 PM to 7 PM, while After Hours ran from 7:30 PM to 2 AM. Friday, we began hosting at 3 PM, but starting picking up traffic a bit later in the evening. Activities began at around 4:30 PM and lasted to about 7 PM for Table Top Club. While our Virtual TTC session lasted till around 2 AM Saturday Morning.

Suffice to say, the days went great. Through each session, we were able to host different types of group activities and games. Some of which included, JackBox.Tv, Minecraft, and Smash Bros. The atmosphere was very lax and welcoming. Though there is still some getting used to involved, I think I can say, people are enjoying the community:

We have also launched our Virtual Table Top sessions. If you are interested in learning more, or signing up for a virtual D&D or Monster's of the Week Session: Click Here.

Roadhouse Live Discord Schedule:


Roadhouse 3PM - 7PM

After Hours 7:30 PM - 1 AM


Roadhouse Table Top 3PM - 7PM

After Hours Table Top 8PM - 1AM

Note: This schedule lists the designated times when Roadhouse will be live on discord. However, the server is always up, and you all can choose to use it and hangout! Just make sure to abide by server rules!

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