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COVID-19 and What That Means For Roadhouse

The past week has been nothing short but concerning. People are in hysteria, stores are out of hygiene essentials, jobs are disappearing, livelihoods are being changed and lives are being lost. We are experiencing a complete change of what we understand as normal.

COVID-19 is the name of the disease of which is caused by a type of Coronavirus. This disease is spread by by droplets, meaning through coughs and sneezes. While its being determined as to how long the virus can live on surfaces exposed to droplets, the fact remains that its highly contagious. Most healthy adults and youth that are exposed to the virus may not develop symptoms, which include: shortness of breath, cough, fever and tiredness, but can still become carriers and affect those that are immune compromised.

Immune Compromised means people that either have immune deficiency disorders or have a difficult time fighting disease in general, people that are diabetic fall into this category. Other high risks individuals include people with asthma or heart problems. High Risk Individuals are more likely to develop severe symptoms that can lead to death.

That means its important for us to do our best and either prevent or slow the progression of the disease. Our country and the CDC has said that all of us should be following whats called Social Distancing and be maintaining constant good hand hygiene.

Social Distancing means that we maintain six feet away from the people around us. We do not touch each other, while the ladder is about making sure we either sanitize or constantly wash our hands. Sneezing and coughing are a given. When sneezing or coughing, do so, into your arm.

What this means for The Roadhouse is that, at least for now, the facility remains closed. Its important to note, that our church campus is also closed. While we will not be able to gather or site or in person, for now, we will be able to do the following:


Roadhouse will finally have their own Discord, and within it multiple channels all catering to specific groups or activities. You can find out if there are any Smash Bros Online Tournaments Going On, organize a gaming session or just have it running in the background. While the server will always be running, Reminds will go out as to when we can strive to be on at the same time in order to get some virtual games or group activity going.

After Hours and Table Top Club will also have their own respective servers. There will be channels in both, about specific group games and in regards to any information that already pertains to those programs.

Virtual Gatherings: DnD and Monster of the Week

We will have access to a video-conferencing tool that allows up to 25 people to join in and participate. I will be meeting with Dungeon Masters and Keepers to inform on how to use the system. Sign Ups for Campaigns will be available here. Our aim is to be able to have multiple campaigns running throughout the week. Note: The software will have to be downloaded from Google Play Store. Its Free, and there's no need for you to sign-up!

Roadhouse Website - User Submitted Content

I will be publishing a section called "Community Works". Here users will be able to submit there own original work. This work, can be art, writing, photography or links to music and videos. I should highlight, that Its not about producing content here, but sharing ideas within a community. If there's something you want to write about, you will be able to post it there, and hopefully start up the conversation. Post up what you feel and let it fly, just be tactful.

The Roadhouse will always be a place where youth and young adults can feel at home. It doesn't matter if we're in a physical building or digital one, what matters is we make this place our home.


This is a channel still in progress, but will begin by offering weekly announcements.

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