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Each of Our Free Programs Offers the Following


Free Food

Whats better than gathering around the dinner table with some friends to share a meal? Well, gathering around a free meal of course! Any day our doors are open we guarantee a free meal. Students can grab a quick snack for lunch after school, with dinner always prepped before they go.


Table Top Games

Our games library keeps growing and growing. What started with some iconic boardgames such as Monopoly and Uno, has turned into a large library. Here we offer Munchkin, Exploding Kittens, Unstable Unicorns and much much more! 

Rd House Cmas.jpg

Parties & Events

Yes, we like to party. We host events at least once a month. You can see whats current at our Events page. Everything is always free, of course. 



Inside the facility we have three TVs. Currently the Roadhouse has a Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and several older consoles with a large library of games. Students often participate in group raids, competitive gaming and have an all around great time. 

The following activities are only available on certain days. 

Frisbee Higgy Throw.jpg

Group Sports

Every Wednesday will host an outside activity on our huge field. This can be anything from an Ultimate Frisbee Match or Nerf War, to a Dodgeball Game. Come out, get active and burn some calories with us! 

Dnd Session.jpg

D&D and RPG Games

Fridays are all about Table Top Role playing games. We have multiple DMs hosting a variety of games including D&D as well as the newly popular Monster of the Week. Sessions often last 2 - 4 hrs, and as always, include snacks and refreshments. 


Group Outings

At AfterHours we have a tendency to pack our things, and venture to places around the Greater Orlando Area. Whether its a hole in the wall restaurant, theme park, or marketplace, anywhere we go, we always have a great time. 




Its simple really, God's Work Our Hands is the mantra that built the Roadhouse. We love to do our best and give back to the community any way we can. Our service opportunities include feeding the homeless, cleaning the environment, helping at fundraisers and more. 

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