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About US

The Roadhouse began as an idea to offer high school students of all backgrounds, preferences, theologies and lifestyles an opportunity to come together and be apart of a safe and nurturing community. We believe that an environment built on the Foundations of Grace and Inclusivity can create a space for young people to thrive. Since its creation in 2013, we've expanded to host multiple programs and meals throughout the week, all at no cost to attending students. Everything is Free. 


Wednesdays, is our staple Roadhouse day, where students are free to come, sign-in and and relax. There's no set schedule, so students are free to do what they wish, so long as they adhere to the rules. 

We believe Everyone has the Potential to be a Leader

Our Mission

Is to create an inclusive community, based upon the ideals of servant leadership, where teenagers and young adults can work, play and grow together.

Our Mission

Our Why

Because Grace is a Gift available to and for Everyone.  

Check Us Out Every Wednesday

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