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Roadhouse Christmas Dinner

Join Us Dec 18th For a

Our 7th Annual Christmas Gathering is happening this week. We will have amazing food, awesome games and great people coming together to celebrate one of the nations brightest holidays.

What to Expect?

One of our People of Faith is preparing some homemade Brisket with Homestyle Mac and Cheese. As always we will have a stocked fridge with cold beverages, and tables filled with desserts all absolutely free for high school students.

There's no schedule but we will have our Nintendo Switch setup in front, X Box in the back and all types of group games around the facility.

Students who participated in Plus 1 will have a chance to test their luck with the Treasure Box.

When and Where?

December 18th 2019

Wednesday 1:30 to 5:30PM

228 Windermere Rd Winter Garden Fl, 34787

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